Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is like a melting pot of all the wonderful cultures that make up Asia.  As  the  capital  of  Malaysia,  it epitomises  the  nation's  slogan  "simply  Asia".  From art to history to food, one's senses are embraced by the city's dynamic surroundings. This is a majestic city that was founded in 1857 and now in the 21st Century it brings together the past, the present and the future.  There is so much to see in Kuala Lumpur - Chinatown with charming old buildings and makeshift shops, then  there's  Little  India  while  the  Jamek  Mosque  which celebrates  its  centenary  in  2014,  is  one  of  the  oldest mosques in the city. These historical landmarks blend in superbly with the modern day ones. The KL Tower is one of the world's tallest concrete structures which functions as a telecommunication tower. The skyline of Kuala Lumpur is dominated by a structure that is famous the world over - the tallest Twin Towers in the world known as the Petronas Towers. If it’s food that's your thing then KL is the place to be because this place is a feast for the senses and  will  tempt  any  taste  bud  from  the  many  hawker  centres  through  to  some  of  the  finest restaurants. Another activity that you could definitely look forward to is shopping in KL. 
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Figure 1: Skyline of KL
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Figure 2: Batu Caves


Figure 3: The National Monument

Figure4: Central Market